District 22
Counties Served: Saratoga, Schenectady, Washington, Warren.

Information: Dist22info@gmail.com

Literature: Dist22.LDC@gmail.com

Treasurer: Dist22.Treasurer@gmail.com

Donations To District: Email for Information: Make Checks Payable To:  District 22 AFG.  


District Monthly Zoom Meeting- First Friday of the Month 7pm... All are Welcome. 


Meeting ID: 863 4953 9582   Passcode: 2021



District 22 Meetings List

  ​​Sunday- 4:00 PM  St Edward the Confessor- In Person-in the double classroom (faith formation wing) (purple room) and Zoom Meeting

  Monday- 10:00 AM  United Methodist Church 18 Church Street Granville, NY 

  Tuesday- 7:00 PM- United Methodist Church, 460 Aviation Rd. Queensbury, NY. -In Person

  Tuesday- 7:30 PM- United Methodist Church, 175 Fifth and Henning, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-   In Person.

  Wednesday- 10:30 AM- Web Only- Let it Begin with Me. Zoom Only- Meeting ID : 823 4181 4333 Password: 661583

                                            Zoom- https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82341814333?pwd=V28zYXFnY0U4Z0hvdHFuM2tiaHFBQT09 

  Wednesday- 6:00 PM  VFW Post 1498  1605 Rt 9 Halfmoon, NY 12065  In Person and separate Zoom Meeting . 

  Thursday- 10:15 AM  Jonesville United Methodist Church 963 Main Street Clifton Park, NY - (Hybrid) In Person/ Zoom Email  for zoom info.

  Thursday- 7:30 PM First Presbyterian Church Parish House River Street Hudson Falls, NY - In Person and Zoom Meeting

  Friday- 10:15AM First Baptist Church 100 Maple Street Glens Falls, NY - In Person Follow signs

  Friday- 12:15 PM Lunch Bunch- Saint Clements Church- Lake Ave. Saratoga springs, NY 12866 - Zoom Only

  Saturday- 4:00 PM- Healing Springs-Beginners/ Al-anon-125 High Rock Ave #105 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866- Zoom Only